Second Foundation School


With great sadness, after 42 successful years, the Board of Directors has decided to close Second Foundation School at the end of this school year. Times have changed, and the number of choices available to families has increased dramatically. Charter schools, sanctioned home schooling, and alternatives within the public school system mean that a greater variety of educational opportunities are present than when we started all those years ago, a trend that Second Foundation School helped make possible by its commitment to quality alternative education.


The decision to close was not easy. Second Foundation School has provided an alternative educational experience for hundreds of students. Our students have gone on to prestigious colleges, state universities, the armed services, and even started their own businesses. Some developed their artistic talents; others delved deeply into academics. Our graduates are truly inspiring in the variety of professions and occupations they have pursued. We have lawyers, fire fighters, teachers, computer wizards, artists and scientists among our alumni. We are very proud of each and every student who passed through our school, whether they graduated or only spent a short time with us. We are also proud that we provided them with a place where they were free and supported in developing their unique talents and interests.


Throughout the School's history, Bob and Judi Vincent have continued to support Second Foundation in whatever way was needed. Bob has not only been Director of the School for many years, but guided the School through good times and bad. His experience with the School made him a valuable resource for many generations of students and a steadying force as teachers, volunteers and students changed over the years. He put in hundreds of hours as a volunteer without pay.


As a teacher in the School's early years and later as a major financial supporter, Judi Vincent remained dedicated to the School's core philosophy even as her direct involvement was limited by her legal career. The Vincents' have contributed many thousands of dollars over the years to support the school, especially when times were hard financially. This enabled the School to continue to function at a high level, enabling teachers to be paid and the lights to remain on.

As with all good things, an end eventually comes. Bob and Judi are now 70 years old and retirement is their next step. They are no longer able to devote the time and financial support that has kept Second Foundation School going for 42 years.


So it is with great sadness and great pride that SFS is closing its doors. Remember us, as we will always remember each of you who supported and/or benefited from SFS, with pride and affection.


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Note: On behalf of the former Board of Directors, I want to be clear that Second Foundation School did not ever endorse nor support either the philosophy or the practice of Gaia Democratic School. We do not feel they in anyway reflect the principles upon which Second Foundation School operated.

Judith Vincent,

Member, former Board of Directors of Second Foundation School